One of the main advantages of owning a cat is the lovely sensation you will receive when that lovely animal starts to purr. There have been some medical studies that suggest that when a cat purrs, it can even help you to heal some wounds and it is beneficial to organs. The cat tries to aim the frequency of your heart, and it tries to achieve it. Once she gets your frequency of your heartbeat, you will start to feel calm. This is a sensation that most of the cat owners report when the cat starts to purr. Cats can see or feel the sick spots on your body and even the slightest pain can be blown away with a simple purr. They will usually sense the pain in your body, or they will usually feel that something isn’t right. You would be surprised how effective is purring.

Raising a cat

cat’s-characterIf you want to own kittens, this would be the best options. However, people will usually adopt cats from the shelter. Keep in mind that cats are also very grateful animals and they will love you. Cats are very jealous, so if they see that you have been with another cat or if they sense a different small on your hand, they will be very angry. They will feel betrayed, and they will even hiss at you and be mad for quite a while. They want you and believe it or not; you are their possession. This is a normal thing. Don’t even think of bringing another cat to your home. You will need to evaluate your cat’s character. If you think that your cat is gentle and has a normal temper, you will be ok. If you own a dominant cat, you will be in trouble.


If you want to own a very useful and very spiritual animal, cats are the way to go. They will hunt everything that wiggles around your home. Keep in mind that cats are independent and they will never obey a command if they see that you are just trying to be dominant.